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Cupcakes in WHS :)

25 Apr

Popped into WH Smith last week to buy some bits and saw that they have a new storage range on sale using the cupcake design that I did for them for xmas 2009. I also found a gift card using the same pattern. This is particularly good news as I guess this means that the products I did for them must have been good sellers – hurrah!

Here are a few product images from the WH Smith website:


WHS Little Friends

24 Feb

Little Friends was the last range I did for WH Smith 2009 Christmas giftware.

This was fun to work on too as it was a bit different for me. I designed and built the range of around 20 products from scratch, including choosing all the stock photography. There are so many cute pets ranges for tween girls around in the shops at the moment and I really wanted to try and do something a bit different. I chose for a more edgy design with the black and white to stand out from all the other pink and lilac, polka dot and gingham ranges on the market.

– I was really chuffed with the results! 🙂

WHS Cupcakes Range

23 Feb

Here are some pics from the Cupcakes product range I designed for WHS’s 2009 Christmas gifting selection.

I really enjoyed working on this range. There were 19 products altogether from notebooks and recipe folders to aprons and money boxes.

Christmas design work for WH Smith

23 Feb

I was really pleased to get the job of designing four of the ranges for the 2009 WH Smith Christmas gift product selection.

I have been hoping to post up some pics of this for a while, but with having a baby and everything, I never quite made it over to the shops to see the product in store for myself and I have no samples. Hopefully I will be able to get some actual examples of the product myself at some point and I will post up some proper pics of these when I do.

The first two ranges I worked on were called Baroque and Milano and were updates of previous designs used for Christmas 2008. I helped to build each of these ranges, finalise the colours for each product and prepare all the files for print.

There were about 30 products for each range that I designed altogether. Here are a couple of examples of each:

New Product Shots

2 Oct

I recieved a massive parcel full of products with my designs on from Portico a couple of weeks ago – here are some edited highlights:

Reilly product for WH Smith

Bad Alice product:

(there was a brief period of time when I considered packing this washing stuff into my hospital bag – but luckily sense got the better of me!)

More Bad Alice product wonders after the jump… Continue reading

WH Smith – store snaps

3 Aug

I was in WH Smith over the weekend and saw some familiar bits…

Apologies for the photos – they were taken at speed with my phone before someone came and told me off!

Here is a range of monster stationery that I helped build for this year’s Back To School products. I didn’t do the initial illustration work, but I worked out which images were going onto which items and how the mix of colours would work etc. I also designed the packaging which I think works well with the rest of the range…

I was glad to see this familiar face up on the shelves! Bad Alice is a character I designed for licensing a few years ago whilst I was working with Hip Designs:

These notebooks have been put into store for testing. If they sell well, WHS will hopefully do a whole range of Bad Alice product – fingers crossed!

Here are a couple of other notebooks I designed for illustrator Reilly. These are on test at the moment too:

Jacqueline Wilson’s World

24 Nov

I went into WH Smith last week to have a look at the Jacqueline Wilson’s World Christmas gifting range that they now have in store. This was the last product range that I worked on in my old position as Senior Designer at Portico Designs in Bath.

I thought all the product for this range was looking really good – although there was a special offer available in store whilst I was there and all the advertising for this was in bright red and yellow, which jarred with the pretty pinks of the product somewhat. It’s a great range though. There are lots of “Make Your Own” type products, which I think should make great Christmas presents for those littel creative types…

Here’s a scan from the WHS christmas catalogue:


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