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More invites…

25 Aug

Would it be bad to sell all my possessions and use the money to buy a laser cutter?

Here is an invitation that I designed for our friends Alex and Gareth. The initial brief was for something “folded into A6” – which is a somewhat lacking in direction as far as briefs go – but you will see that I managed to completely ignore that and just got on with whatever I damn well liked!
Very fortunately for me, Ally and Gareth approved of the design and here we have it:

Most pleased with these as it was another chance to try out some more laser cutting and to do something a bit different. I really like the look of the cutting on the more rustic style recycled board. The inside of the invite has been printed onto a nice textured, recycled paper. Most of the info is printed and then just the names have been handwritten on afterwards, so that it gives the appearance of each invitation having been specifically handwritten for each recipient (cunning, uh?).
The other inserts have been printed on recycled paper made from waste banana skins left over from UK wildlife parks.
Seriously – what more could one want from a piece of recycled paper??

Wedding invites…

26 Jun

Got one of these through in the post the other day – whoop!

It’s an invite that I designed for my friends Clare and Andy’s wedding. V. pleased with these as it’s the first proper job that I’ve done using laser cutting – I cannot belieeeeeve how fine the detail is – how blummin’ marvellous!
The design is based on a pattern Clare really liked on a posh bottle of body lotion (whatevs floats your boat!) – I think it looks rather lovely on here…

Hmmm – I wonder how much laser cutters cost¿
I’ll take two, thanks! 🙂


22 Jan

Having a wedding takes a whole lot of organisation and is a good thing…

Therefore, please excuse me as I indulge myself by harping on about mine for a while 😀

Firstly, I’ll start with this pic of me and the man in all our finery:

Didn’t we scrub up nice?

Don’t be deceived by the stony expressions here. We smiled continuously for about 12 hours that day and this was one of the only chances we had to rest our aching faces!!

Here’s what we’re wearing:

Me: The dress is by Daniela Benson who is a Bristol based designer and the shoes are Vivienne Westwood, Queen of everything!

Him: Suit, shirt and tie all from Gresham Blake and shoes from Church’s, of course.

A full write up of weddingness can be found here at offbeatbride.com where the lovely Ariel was kind enough to include my bride profile (very proud :D).

For further info and wedding craftiness, keep scrolling down this entry…

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