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Totterdown Front Room Arts Trail 2012

15 Nov

Hurrah and huzzah – it’s that time of year again…

The Totterdown Arts Trail is on this weekend and Ward Towers will be open for business – whoop!
The house is open from 6-9pm on Friday 16th and then we are open again from 12-6pm on the Saturday and Sunday.

I will have some of my Entomology work up, along with some new bits I’ve been secretly working on including new jewellery and cards. My husband, Tim will have some illustrations and photography up and my lovely friend Alice from over the road will have some of her knitted wrist warmers and paper garlands up for grabs too.

There are quite a few houses open right by us this year – it’s going to be blummin’ GREAT! More info on the Arts Trail can be found here.
We are only 15 minutes walk from the main station in Bristol, so we’re easy to find.

Here are some pics of the new cards I’ve been making:

…and here is a pic of some of the beautiful wrist warmers that Alice will be selling. They are all made on a domestic knitting machine from 100% lambswool – beautiful!:

A map for the entire trail can be found here.
Would be great to see you if you can make it!

Arts Trail Film

13 Dec

Here is a short film that him indoors made about the Arts Trail this year – what a clever chap!

Front Room!

25 Nov

Hurrah for the Totterdown Arts Trail – what an amazing weekend! I think I am still going to be feeling exhausted from it in about two months time, but it was well worth all the effort and we had such a brilliant time!!
It was really cold all weekend, but the weather wasn’t nearly as hideous as it was last year (which to be fair, isn’t that difficult). There were loads of people about all weekend and Tim and I have made an approximate guess of about 1000 visitors coming through our front door over the course of the weekend – phew!

We worked really hard to get the house ready and it was particularly lovely as Tim decided to show some of his photography this time too, so we were a proper husband and wife team. 🙂

Here’s the pics of my room:

I was so pleased with how it all looked in the end – it was well worth all the effort of taking all the furniture out. You can just see in this last picture that Jet had her own little section too. She spent half the time stood next to it pointing at it to show everyone – CUTE!! You can also just about see on here that I had a new range of jewellery for sale this year. This was displayed in a collection of glass jars up on the shelves. I was so pleased with how it all came out and it was all well received by the visitors. More about that later though…

A million thanks go out from us to all the people who contributed to this year’s arts trail and of course to all the lovely people who came round to have a look at what we’ve been up to. It really was such a fantastic weekend and I’m looking forward to next year’s already!

Front Room: Totterdown Arts Trail 2010

12 Nov

Whoa there! – is it that time of year again already??

Our house will be open next weekend for the Totterdown Arts Trail  (v. exciting!) – would be great if you can make it along!

ANOTHER exhibiton…

17 Nov

I will be taking part in the Totterdown Arts Trail this weekend – If you’re in the Bristol area, it’d be great to see you round my gaff!

More info about the trail can be found here – hurrah!!

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