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Woodland Nursery design details

18 Sep

I did write a post about Jet’s nursery a while ago, here. Those pics all look a bit sparse nowadays as they were taken before the smalls had even arrived. I guess we didn’t even know if she was going to be a girl or a boy then, so things were kept pretty neutral on purpose. I’m not so much of a girly girl myself, so the pink frilliness has been kept to a minimum whilst that sort of thing is still under my control!
I’ve been meaning to do a little update with some of  my favourite details around the room – so here we are with a bit of extra info:

Cot: Stokke, stripe rug: Ikea

Wall stickers: cut from baize from the hardware shop, birdhouse: Asda – £4!

Ceramic tile: Rob Ryan on Etsy

Painting from the marvellous Nick Sharratt!

Fabric and wood mobile handmade from pattern here.

Alphabet print by yours truly .

The Smalls in situ. Grass rug with mushrooms: Vertbaudet (squee!) Log cushions: Deena Neimat (you gotta love those cushions!)

Daddy in situ and the egg chair I recovered with patchwork (NEVER AGAIN!).


The Nursery!!

4 Oct

I have been looking forward to posting this for aaaages…

We have just about finished the nursery at home now – YAY! There are a couple of other bits that still need sorting out – but essentially it is all done and I am so pleased 😀

I designed the tree mural and cut it out of black and green flocked sticky-backed plastic. It took blummin’ ages to sort out – but I am really please with how it looks now. We don’t know if we are going to be having a little girl or a boy yet – so we have ended up with a woodland theme in grey, green and black. Here’s the original drawing I did of the wall for the planning and some of the details:

I found the light in Urban Outfitters – such a lucky find, it matches perfectly!

These fabric logs were made by genius woman Deena Neimat from Nashville, Tennessee. They can be purchased from her Etsy shop here. Thanks so much Deena – I LOVE them! The woodgrain fabric she has used is from the Joel Dewberry Aviary collection. I bought some more of the same fabric in lime green to make a new matching bumper for the cot.

The little woodland elf was very kindly knitted for us my my friend Becky. He doesn’t have a name just yet, but he has agreed to take up the position of nursery coordinator – thank goodness someone is here to keep things in order!

Our families all live quite far from us here in Bristol. Him indoors did an excellent job of taking everyone’s portraits so the little one can be surrounded by people who love them whilst they are snoozing away 🙂

Our moses basket has been handed down to us by my sister-in-law. My mum made a new cover for it in polka-dot with a green bobbly edging – so cute!

I reupholstered this egg chair we had and re-modelled a standard lamp to match – they are both completely ridiculous, but hey, what you gonna do? It made me want to cry reupholstering this chair. I have decided that I will never re-cover an armchair again. The end.

I made some little leaves from felt and embroidered them with the veins to cheer up the curtains.

The picture in the frame here still needs to be changed – there is artwork for this still in progress… I promise not to start pushing the baby to start working until it is at least 6 months old – by which time it will have been sponging off us for long enough and it can start earning it’s keep!

This room used to be our spare room and office. Before pics can be seen here.

Now all we need is a baby to put in it – eek! 😀

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