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Bag for life

25 Sep

Here is a design I did for the Centre Parcs bag for life.
The design incorporates icons to represent each of the areas of a Center Parcs village: Ash, Oak, Maple, Fir and Pine.


Dutty Fabric

24 Jul

Here is a fabric design I did for my friend Louisa over at Dutty Girl.
Dutty Girl is a Bristol based crew of DJs, MCs and producers. The fabric was designed to be made into clothes for a music video – hurrah!

Louisa wanted something based on her penchant for silk scarves and gold jewellery. The design is to be screen printed and so has been made up of only 5 colours.

Cupcakes in WHS :)

25 Apr

Popped into WH Smith last week to buy some bits and saw that they have a new storage range on sale using the cupcake design that I did for them for xmas 2009. I also found a gift card using the same pattern. This is particularly good news as I guess this means that the products I did for them must have been good sellers – hurrah!

Here are a few product images from the WH Smith website:

Personalised Cards for M&S

15 Oct

A while back I created a series of characters and patterns called Hello Friends!

I just found out this week that some of the designs have been included in the Marks and Spencer’s online personalised greetings card service, which can be seen here.

The following cards have been adapted from my design work:

And here are a few examples of my original designs for this project :)…

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