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Visit London

17 Jan

I was over at Top Drawer in that London over the weekend. Blummin’ marvellous – so inspiring…

Had a happy find on the Half Moon Bay stand where they were displaying their new range of Visit London products that I worked on for them last year.
They let me take a couple of sneaky pics of the range with my phone:

The full range of product can be seen on their website here. I worked from style guides to design all the product and got it ready for print (bar the t-shirts) and developed the final packaging style. I was really chuffed with how it all looked on the stand – can’t wait to see some selling in the shops soon!


WHS Little Friends

24 Feb

Little Friends was the last range I did for WH Smith 2009 Christmas giftware.

This was fun to work on too as it was a bit different for me. I designed and built the range of around 20 products from scratch, including choosing all the stock photography. There are so many cute pets ranges for tween girls around in the shops at the moment and I really wanted to try and do something a bit different. I chose for a more edgy design with the black and white to stand out from all the other pink and lilac, polka dot and gingham ranges on the market.

– I was really chuffed with the results! 🙂

Super-Yacht anyone?

27 Aug

…hmmm, don’t mind if I do, thanks very much!

So, the man and I are having a pre-baby hol in lovely, sunny Mallorca at the mo and by wonderful coincidence, it turns out that my old school friend Nina is just down the road in Puerto Portals where she is working as a hostess on Super-Yacht ‘TV’.

Not only was it very cool to met up with Nina, but it gave us a great opportunity to go and have a good old nose around the yacht – which was especially brilliant as I had done a bit of work for it last year designing all the on-board stationery and whatnots (a job I feel very fortunate to have got through Nina).

Turns out anyone out there with a spare €30 million can go out and get themselves one of these bad boys:

– that’s 45 meters of luxury cruising – or a €250,000 a week holiday, if you’re not so sure about the commitment of boat ownership…

We got a tour of the whole boat, which was absolutely beautiful and a look at the stationery I had deigned ‘in situ’ (sadly I can’t show any pics of the inside of the boat on here as it is privately owned property).

Each of the cabins had a leather box with all the stationery items inside:

The V.I.P. cabin had stationery in the beautiful wooden bureau:

Boat info all printed onto the stationery is placed on each of the beds before the guests arrive:

Tim and I poncing around on the Quay-side:

And… the best thing about super-yachts – MAHOOSIVE jars of Nutella:

Conclusion: super-yachts are good, but Nutella is better 😀

I’ll post some better pics of the stationery up here when I get home.

WH Smith – store snaps

3 Aug

I was in WH Smith over the weekend and saw some familiar bits…

Apologies for the photos – they were taken at speed with my phone before someone came and told me off!

Here is a range of monster stationery that I helped build for this year’s Back To School products. I didn’t do the initial illustration work, but I worked out which images were going onto which items and how the mix of colours would work etc. I also designed the packaging which I think works well with the rest of the range…

I was glad to see this familiar face up on the shelves! Bad Alice is a character I designed for licensing a few years ago whilst I was working with Hip Designs:

These notebooks have been put into store for testing. If they sell well, WHS will hopefully do a whole range of Bad Alice product – fingers crossed!

Here are a couple of other notebooks I designed for illustrator Reilly. These are on test at the moment too:

Jacqueline Wilson’s World

24 Nov

I went into WH Smith last week to have a look at the Jacqueline Wilson’s World Christmas gifting range that they now have in store. This was the last product range that I worked on in my old position as Senior Designer at Portico Designs in Bath.

I thought all the product for this range was looking really good – although there was a special offer available in store whilst I was there and all the advertising for this was in bright red and yellow, which jarred with the pretty pinks of the product somewhat. It’s a great range though. There are lots of “Make Your Own” type products, which I think should make great Christmas presents for those littel creative types…

Here’s a scan from the WHS christmas catalogue:


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