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Al’s Socks

21 Jan

It was my best friend Al’s 30th birthday and being the sock lover that he is (amongst other things), I knitted him my first pair of socks.

I usually like making small stuff like toys or baby clothes as I’m not a very patient knitter and I like to see results fast – so knitting these in 4 ply yarn seemed to take literally 30 years and I am thankful that I am still alive to tell the tale…

So, without further ado:

Yarn: Yeah – ok, it’s self-patterning yarn – but not everyone knows that and people look on at you with amazement like you’re some kind of intarsia virtuoso when you knit with it – which I like 🙂 – It was from Regia – can’t remember the colour off hand I’m afraid.

Pattern: Some insanely complicated pattern that came free with the wool. knittinghelp.com was very useful for this project!!

Alasdair, I love you – please send me a photo of your socks in action!! x

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