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One Meeeeeeeellion Mirror Balls!!

6 Jun

So, I was talking to this guy on the phone yesterday who works as a trader in London. He buys random stuff in bulk and then sells it off for a profit. I called him as I heard he had some mirror balls to sell and I thought they’d be good for my friends’ party next month…

Turns out this guy has got 60 T H O U S A N D of the bad boys!! Story is – whoever was in charge of sorting out all the Christmas decorations last year at Harvey Nichols accidentally added an extra two naughts on the end of the order form for the mirror balls. Consequently, when the truck arrived to deliver all the decorations a few weeks later, they realised that instead of having 10,000 balls to decorate with (which to be fair, is quite a lot by any standards), they actually had 1,000,000!!!!! – AMAZING!!!!!!!

Obviously this situation is not so good for the person who filled out the order form, who is no doubt no longer working with Harvey Nichols – but I LOVE the thought of there being these 60,000 mirror balls in some warehouse somewhere waiting to find a good home.

I have spent the last 24 hours wracking my brain trying to think of an acceptable justification for just blowing loads of money on mirror balls – If i was a millionaire, I’d buy every last one of them and live in a mirror ball palace!!

Please someone, find a home for these mirror balls – the mirror balls need you!

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