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MA Progress: Laser Cutting

2 Mar

So I have done some bits and bobs with laser cutting in the past – mostly for wedding invitations – but I have been able to have a proper play around with the lasers since I have been back at college. I’ve got a much better understanding of how the whole process works now and it’s fascinating.

Here is a Christmas card that I made whilst doing some experimentation:

I only had time to cut 2 in the end, which was a shame. One for keeps and the other went to a favourite client.
I’m hoping to get a bit more time in the laser suite soon to try out cutting into some other materials and working on a larger scale. The potential seems mind-boggling!

Laser cut wedding invitations ♡

10 Sep

Here are some invitation designs I did for some friends of ours. I was pleased with how they turned out – I love having a play with laser cutting and  it appears to be fast becoming my default wedding invitation style. I find it’s a good way of having a super-posh looking invite without it costing the earth. The only printing on here is on the inserts, so I just had to source the plain card in the right colour to send to the cutters. The inserts were done at a local print shop and I bought the self-adhesive gems from eBay. I think the whole lot came at about £175 for 100 invites and good quality envelopes (excluding design time and hand-finishing) – not a bad price for such a personal and unique invitation, eh?

It’s going to be an autumn wedding. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen’s ties are going to be in blue and they are planning to have lots of pumpkins around for decoration, so the colours should work well I think. Lovely.

One Sixth Of Tommy

2 Mar

You may have read on here before about how I had done some work with new girl band ‘One Sixth of Tommy’, helping them with their logo design and a cover for their single ‘For Always’…

Just thought I’d post up this pic of some necklaces I made for them too:

Cute – huh?

You can see the girls wearing them in this film of them in The Shed last month:

What a bunch of lovely ladies! 🙂

Album artwork is to follow…

New Jewellery

25 Nov

Here are some new jewellery pieces I have been working on. I actually started on these months ago, but the whole thing has turned out to be considerably more tricky than I had anticipated. It’s taken me ages to get my head around it all and it felt like a true battle of wits to get them finished!
The main part of each piece is made from laser cut acrylic. The pieces with the victorian papers have the paper sandwiched between two bits of black and clear acrylic. These are then either bolted or glued together with über glue to keep the paper secure. I used a similar technique for the butterflies with the gold and silver leaf too.

Here’s the pics:

acrylic, silver leaf, glass beads, lava beads, jet and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper, pink rhodonite beads, jet and metal chain

acrylic, lava beads, glass bead, jet and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper, pink rhodonite beads, jet and metal chain

acrylic, gold leaf, ribbon, jet and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper, lava beads, glass beads, jet and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper, ceramic beads and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper and metal clasp

acrylic, victorian marble paper and metal clasp

I sold most of this at the Arts Trail last weekend where I got loads of nice compliments about it all – so all the brain ache was worth it in the end. The best sale was to our postman, who came into the house to deliver a parcel and left having bought a brooch for his wife – nice one Colin!

More invites…

25 Aug

Would it be bad to sell all my possessions and use the money to buy a laser cutter?

Here is an invitation that I designed for our friends Alex and Gareth. The initial brief was for something “folded into A6” – which is a somewhat lacking in direction as far as briefs go – but you will see that I managed to completely ignore that and just got on with whatever I damn well liked!
Very fortunately for me, Ally and Gareth approved of the design and here we have it:

Most pleased with these as it was another chance to try out some more laser cutting and to do something a bit different. I really like the look of the cutting on the more rustic style recycled board. The inside of the invite has been printed onto a nice textured, recycled paper. Most of the info is printed and then just the names have been handwritten on afterwards, so that it gives the appearance of each invitation having been specifically handwritten for each recipient (cunning, uh?).
The other inserts have been printed on recycled paper made from waste banana skins left over from UK wildlife parks.
Seriously – what more could one want from a piece of recycled paper??

Wedding invites…

26 Jun

Got one of these through in the post the other day – whoop!

It’s an invite that I designed for my friends Clare and Andy’s wedding. V. pleased with these as it’s the first proper job that I’ve done using laser cutting – I cannot belieeeeeve how fine the detail is – how blummin’ marvellous!
The design is based on a pattern Clare really liked on a posh bottle of body lotion (whatevs floats your boat!) – I think it looks rather lovely on here…

Hmmm – I wonder how much laser cutters cost¿
I’ll take two, thanks! 🙂

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