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A Right Royal Knees Up!

1 May

Anyone who knows me will know that I loves them royals!
Cue much excitement chez Bird Face for Kate and the Prince of Willies’ wedding ♥

Check out the knitted Wills, Kate and Archbishop that my friends Katheryn, Alasdair and I made for Jet! They were ideal for instant reenactments of all the action…
Patterns by Fiona Goble from here.
Big thanks go to the happy couple for providing us all with a nation holiday on their wedding day. Next time you get married, please can you try and do it post-lunch though, so we don’t all end up being drunk on Pimms so soon after breakfast – ta!


Easter knitting

24 Apr

Pattern can be bought from Anna Hrachovec at Mochimochi Land here.
I didn’t bother with the felting bit as I didn’t have the right yarn and I am lazy like that. I worked out fine anyhoo – cute!

childHood cardigan

17 Apr

Here are some pics of Jet wearing a little cardigan I made for her 🙂
It was so lovely doing this and I am really pleased with it. I seem to have so little time to do anything these days, it is a rare treat to get a bit of time to sit down with some knitting…

-What a cutie-pants!

Pattern: ChildHood from Knitty
Yarn: Rico Design Essentials, soft merino aran in Navy (ref: 038) and Petrol (ref: 049)

Thomas’ Blanket

22 Jan

A wise knitter once told me that you only knit blankets for love…

…believe me, they weren’t lying!!

I think I suffered a repetitive strain injury in my brain from knitting this blanket! – That said, I am mighty proud of myself for having persevered and I had a real sense of achievement once it was finished. 😀

I got my Mum to do the blocking for me and then she sewed on the brushed cotton backing and added some padding in the middle for good measure. I was so worried about messing it up once I’d finished the knitting part, I couldn’t bear to stitch the backing on myself! (I also made her iron my wedding dress on the morning of my wedding – she get’s all the scary jobs – thanks Mum!! X)

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Christmas come early…

21 Jan

…or late, whichever way you look at it.

It was our first Christmas together as smug marrieds, living in our own little house 😀

I made these to go on the tree (pretty rock and roll, huh?):

Keep reading for some extreeeeme close ups…

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Al’s Socks

21 Jan

It was my best friend Al’s 30th birthday and being the sock lover that he is (amongst other things), I knitted him my first pair of socks.

I usually like making small stuff like toys or baby clothes as I’m not a very patient knitter and I like to see results fast – so knitting these in 4 ply yarn seemed to take literally 30 years and I am thankful that I am still alive to tell the tale…

So, without further ado:

Yarn: Yeah – ok, it’s self-patterning yarn – but not everyone knows that and people look on at you with amazement like you’re some kind of intarsia virtuoso when you knit with it – which I like 🙂 – It was from Regia – can’t remember the colour off hand I’m afraid.

Pattern: Some insanely complicated pattern that came free with the wool. knittinghelp.com was very useful for this project!!

Alasdair, I love you – please send me a photo of your socks in action!! x

Orla’s Bootees

19 Jan

These were a quick knit and I enjoyed making them. I used the left over cotton from Alice’s bunny hat.

I’d quite like some of these in my size too…

Pattern: Saartje’s Bootees

Thomas and Sheldon

19 Jan

Sheldon is probably my favourite thing that I have knitted. He comes out of his shell and everything – so cute, it should be illegal!

Thomas is my nephew, by the way – this seems to be a pretty standard facial expression for him – I think he gets it from his father…

Pattern: Sheldon from Knitty

Yarn: Debbie Bliss cotton DK

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