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Knitted fairy lights advent calendar *pattern and tutorial*

6 Nov

Far be it for me to mention the ‘C’ word this early on in November, but for those of us who like to be prepared and who are already of a festive persuasion, now is the time to be thinking about crafting up some advent calendars!

Here is a pic of my knitted fairy light advent calendar (original post here):

It takes a little while to knit up as there are 24 of the lights to work on, but it is fun to make and a great stash buster!
Each bulb makes a little pocket and I put mini decorations in each of those so that the smalls can hang them on a special little tree. You could always just put a load of chocs and sweets in there though, eh? – NOM!

Full pattern follows. Let me know if you knit one up too, I’d love to see your version! Continue reading


Jet’s Advent Calendar

23 Dec

Hurrah and huzzah and Merry Christmas!!
Not that I am cutting things a bit fine here with it being the day before Christmas Eve and all, but I have JUST finished Jet’s advent calendar!
The good thing is that there is still one day left this year in which it can legitimately be used – but the best bit is that Jet doesn’t really know what an advent calendar is, so she doesn’t even know how ridiculously late it is – YAY!

This is my first ever knitting pattern, so I am quite pleased with myself for actually having pulled it off. The idea was adapted from something I found a while back through Google Images. Each of the lights makes a little pocket for you to put choccies or other little treats for each day of advent – CUTE!
It has been a complete mission getting it finished off as I don’t have so much time for luxuries such as knitting little whatnots these days. I am really chuffed with the results though and I am hoping that if it goes down well with the  small person, it can be one of those things that can come out year after year as a family tradition (not that I am getting slightly ahead of myself here or anything!).

Here’s some pics anyhoo:

Merry Christmas one and all – I hope you have an über-cool yule!

Much love from, Bird Face x x x

Calla for Calla

1 Oct

Our friends have a little girl called Calla. It is her 1st birthday today and I knitted her this calla lily as a present.
It’s my first finished knitted item since Jet was born – that’s nearly a whole year ago. It feels so great to have something actually completed! 😀
Pattern adapted from here.

Happy birthday Calla!! xo

Knitted bird mobile

9 Oct

Here is a mobile I made for our friends who have just had a little baby girl:

Pattern is from here.

Welcome to the world baby Calla – hurray for you! 🙂


7 Oct

Didn’t you get the memo?

Having babies is sooooo hot right now…

Just finished this this morning for baby Lily Boo, who was born last week. 🙂

I made it from an Amy Gaines pattern that I bought from her etsy shop here.

Thomas and Sheldon

19 Jan

Sheldon is probably my favourite thing that I have knitted. He comes out of his shell and everything – so cute, it should be illegal!

Thomas is my nephew, by the way – this seems to be a pretty standard facial expression for him – I think he gets it from his father…

Pattern: Sheldon from Knitty

Yarn: Debbie Bliss cotton DK

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