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Knitted trainers for small people…

29 May

It would seem that having babies is soooo hot right now and loads of people I know seem to be dropping sprogs left, right and centre…

I have made a few pairs of these knitted trainer booties as gifts and I loves em!
In my classic motherly style, I haven’t made any for my own small being (who is now due in under 3 weeks, no less!) and due to the amount of work I still need to get finished versus the amount of time I would like to be taking having any chance of a rest before D day, it doesn’t look like she will be getting any either – bah!

Anyhoo, they’re good. The pattern is by Ashley Britt and can be found on Ravelry here. The only change I made was to make the laces a bit thicker by making a chain using a crochet hook. 🙂

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