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Nature’s Way

30 Mar

I have been busy busy getting everything prepared for the upcoming Nature’s Way show, starting this week at the Grant Bradley Gallery here in Bristol.

I have got my new cards all sorted and a new website – which is somewhat sparse at the moment, but should hopefully be much more interesting by the end of the week (in theory!).

You can have a look at it here or click on my new link on the right side of your screen.

Everything’s going to be all white…

9 Mar

I have been asked to participate in an exhibition about the natural world at the Grant Bradley Gallery in Bristol next month (hurrah!). There are quite a few new plans afoot for my paper entomology artwork at the moment, so for this exhibit, I have decided to do something a bit different…

Here’s a couple of pics as a taster. Hopefully they should look great in white frames up against the white walls of the gallery.

More details on the exhibition to follow.

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