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The way things are…

20 Feb

Holy moly – it’s hard work being a Mum!!
Obviously I am a very lucky person to have such a beautiful little girl to hang out with all day, but it ain’t ‘alf tough at the top! I can’t help but think at the moment that my Monday-Friday cycle is somewhat like Groundhog Day, with absolutely no time ever to actually achieve anything…
…some days it feels like a minor miracle just managing to get my hair brushed!

I think one of the things I find the hardest (even harder than getting up 3 times in the night, every night and consequently being like a total zombie all day) is not having the time to get on with all my creative whatnots. I spend a lot of time whilst I am up feeding Jet late at night thinking about all the lovely things I could make if I only had the time. I did start my first knitting project in a LONG TIME last week, so I am looking forward to getting that finished and up on here – but I have so many other ideas that I would love to be able to get on with. Hopefully as the small person gets older, she will start sleeping better and I will find it easier to motivate myself into making more things in the evenings.

I had my fist official night out last week and went to a burlesque show out in Bristol. It was SO great being out of the house and back to my old tricks again (albeit completely sober this time round!) 🙂
I borrowed a ludicrously beautiful corset from my very talented friend Gill who makes fancy clobber for a living. Thanks very much Gill – it felt great to be all dressed up for a change and the corset managed to hide a multitude of my post-pregnancy ‘body issues’!
See pics below, taken by him indoors – and if you’ve got a spare minute, head on over to Gill’s blog, Always Stylish – the girl is a blummin’ genius!

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