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20 Apr

I have been experiencing a minor space obsession…
Having the creative brain that I do, this does not venture as far as any kind of scientific interest – having tried to battle with Brian Cox on several occasions, this is waaaay too much for my tiny mind. It does however involve an interest in all of these spacey whatnots:

Mmmmmm…    …I’ll have one of each, please!

Having spent way more time thinking about this than was probably healthy, I bought myself these Blackmilk leggings for my birthday – oooooooo!

(I realise these are completely ridiculous with these gold trainers – I just couldn’t help myself and hey, it was my birthday!)

Him indoors and I worked up some galaxy nails to top it all off:

I found a YouTube tutorial for the nails here – it took us about 10 yonks to get them all done, but it was worth the effort I think.

Irrational thirst for space stuff: Quenched – phew!

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