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MA Progress: heat transfer printing onto fabric

2 Mar

We did this workshop about heat transfer printing onto fabric a couple of weeks ago. This is a process that I previously knew nothing about really.

We started by making our images onto cheap newsprint type paper using disperse dyes. Once the dyes had dried, we literally just layered up the paper next to the fabric on a heat press, sandwiched the whole thing together at a really high temperature for a couple of minutes and hey presto, the ink was transferred permanently into the fabric!
It was completely bonkers and I have never seen anything like that before. Such a simple process and so quick to get results!

Here are some pics of my results. Firstly the paper with the dye on before doing the transfer – I made the pattern by applying the dye to the paper using a paintbrush and using masking tape with different layers of washes:

and here’s the fabric after it had been with it in the press:

– nice!

Other experiments:

It was a really fun process to work with and it is cool because you could totally just do it at home by yourself with an iron – you don’t really need any special equipment or anything.
Drawbacks would be that the colours are completely unpredictable (I was playing it safe with sticking to a bluey-grey!) and that the process only works when you use it on 100% synthetic fibres like nylons and polyesters. The fabric samples we had to test on were pretty rank and  I don’t really know enough about fabrics to know what a nice polyester would look like. I couldn’t think of any applications for this method that I thought I would actually like – but I am pretty sure that I would feel differently if I knew a bit more about fabric…

Pasties from the West Country…

23 Feb

It was my friend’s hen weekend last week and I thought I’d make her these pasties/nipple tassels and garter as a little pre-wedding gift:

I have never made anything like this before and it was really fun just making it up as I went along! The pasties are made from sequins sewn onto felt and then I sewed on a backing of craft foam. I wasn’t sure quite what to use for this bit as I thought it would be a bit weird trying to put sticky stuff onto the felt itself. I got her a load of toupee tape – so hopefully this combined with the foam should do the trick!!

She liked them so much, she said she is going to wear them under her dress on her wedding day – hurrah!!

A New Work Space

15 Jan

I think it would be fair to describe me as “well nosy”.

I have a bit of a thing for looking up other designer and illustrator’s work spaces on the internet. I think this developed through me spending hours and hours sat on my own in my house all day drawing patterns, imagining other people sat in their houses alone all day drawing patterns. Surely there are others, no?

When you have a bit of a hunt around, you can find loads of pics of where independent designers work. I think it’s really interesting, especially when you compare it with the kind of work they do…

When I left my full time job six months ago, in an effort to make my fortune whilst sitting around in my pyjamas at home all day, the only place in our little house that seemed a practical space for me to work in was our spare room. This room was previously painted a curious shade of dark brown from before we moved in. We have since given the entire room a well deserved re-vamp with new built in cupboards and all sorts. It is about a million times better now – thank goodness!!

Here’s some pics as pay back for all the other photos I have been pouring over:

This shot is from my pin board (which is still pretty sparse at the moment as I like the fabric so much, I never want to cover it up!) – I made this from cork floor tiles, wood and fabric. It fits into the little alcove by my desk perfectly – hurrah!!

Some little friends to keep me company on the mantlepiece:

That’s it. Bit of a random post I know, but I thought you might appreciate it if you are as nosy inquisitive as I am!

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