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Commission with Maps

17 May

Here are some images of a commission that I finished a few weeks ago. The piece was made as a present from a man to his wife for a special birthday. I was given a list of references for Google Maps that represented special places in the couple’s life, like where they got married, where their children were born and memorable holidays. I scoured the local second hand shops, charity shops and car boot sales to find a selection of different maps that were all a bit different and which fitted in well together.
The pictures show the final result. I used a few new butterfly shapes so that the silhouettes would be relevant to that place and tried to match up each shape with an appropriate place as far as I could.

I thought the finished piece looked great and apparently it became a very well received gift, which is lovely to know!

Entomology Commission

18 Jun

Here are some pics of a commission I finished recently for super-ace Bristol artist Kathryn Thomas.

Katheryn got in touch with me through the recent Nature’s Way exhibition I did at the Grant Bradley Gallery in Bristol. She wanted a piece specially made for her then fiance as a surprise wedding present. It was a fantastic brief to work on – Katheryn wanted me to use images of her own paintings and a couple of little love notes that her man had written for her within the piece.

I scaled up images of her paintings to appropriate sizes and then had these printed out onto pearlescent paper. Then I scanned in the love notes she had and printed the text from these out onto tracing paper. Then I cut everything up and fixed it all into place in a specially made box frame.

I was really pleased to see the finished results and (thankfully) Husband and Wife were both really stoked with the piece too. It was really interesting for me to see this idea that I have been working on for some time now moved on to the next level using the new subject matters. The images of the paintings seemed to really lend themselves to this new format – which was fantastic considering how delicate all these tiny pieces are and how massive the original paintings are! The pearlescent papers really made the colours of the paintings shine out and they were a great contrast with the very flat looking tracing paper pieces.

– Hurrah!

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