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Jet’s Advent Calendar

23 Dec

Hurrah and huzzah and Merry Christmas!!
Not that I am cutting things a bit fine here with it being the day before Christmas Eve and all, but I have JUST finished Jet’s advent calendar!
The good thing is that there is still one day left this year in which it can legitimately be used – but the best bit is that Jet doesn’t really know what an advent calendar is, so she doesn’t even know how ridiculously late it is – YAY!

This is my first ever knitting pattern, so I am quite pleased with myself for actually having pulled it off. The idea was adapted from something I found a while back through Google Images. Each of the lights makes a little pocket for you to put choccies or other little treats for each day of advent – CUTE!
It has been a complete mission getting it finished off as I don’t have so much time for luxuries such as knitting little whatnots these days. I am really chuffed with the results though and I am hoping that if it goes down well with the  small person, it can be one of those things that can come out year after year as a family tradition (not that I am getting slightly ahead of myself here or anything!).

Here’s some pics anyhoo:

Merry Christmas one and all – I hope you have an über-cool yule!

Much love from, Bird Face x x x


Have a cool yule :)

22 Dec

I have got masses of work on at the moment – which, besides obviously being a good thing, is annoying as I think I would much rather be loitering around drinking snowballs and eating cake!

I am finding it particularly hard to settle down today in the knowledge that there are so many lucky people who are already enjoying their Christmas holidays. So, I thought I might spend a few minutes making my page a bit more festive…

Here’s a few bits I have been working on in the run up to Christmas:

******Hope you have a great Christmas!!******

Christmas come early…

21 Jan

…or late, whichever way you look at it.

It was our first Christmas together as smug marrieds, living in our own little house 😀

I made these to go on the tree (pretty rock and roll, huh?):

Keep reading for some extreeeeme close ups…

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