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MA progress: screen printing onto fabrics

5 Mar

Here are some pics of the stuff I came up with at my ‘screen printing onto fabrics’ workshop a couple of weeks ago. I decided to stick with a simple chevron design which I’d intended to use as a repeat pattern…
…then I learnt how actually do screen printing onto fabric and quickly realised that this was a ridiculous thing to try and do! The results came out pretty nicely all the same, so I was chuffed.

Tests onto different fabrics:

Then I got all over excited and used the jersey fabric I’d printed on to make this dress:

As I have mentioned on here before, I have pretty much no knowledge about different fabrics. I have about 1% skill and patience when it comes to pattern cutting and machine sewing too, so it’s not a great combo when it comes to couture fashion design. That said, I did wear this dress for an entire day and it did not fall apart, nor expose any embarrassing parts to the general public, so I am happy with that!
It has quelled my need for a chevron print top and only cost me about £2.50 to produce, so you can’t argue with those sums. I took the pattern from this American Apparel dress which I have already in three different colours and wear continually.

The file I created to make the print looked like this:

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