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WH Smith – store snaps

3 Aug

I was in WH Smith over the weekend and saw some familiar bits…

Apologies for the photos – they were taken at speed with my phone before someone came and told me off!

Here is a range of monster stationery that I helped build for this year’s Back To School products. I didn’t do the initial illustration work, but I worked out which images were going onto which items and how the mix of colours would work etc. I also designed the packaging which I think works well with the rest of the range…

I was glad to see this familiar face up on the shelves! Bad Alice is a character I designed for licensing a few years ago whilst I was working with Hip Designs:

These notebooks have been put into store for testing. If they sell well, WHS will hopefully do a whole range of Bad Alice product – fingers crossed!

Here are a couple of other notebooks I designed for illustrator Reilly. These are on test at the moment too:

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