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Cube Gallery, Marylebone, London Town

30 Sep

The Cube Gallery in Bristol (who are my saviours when it comes to the artsy fartsy world) are opening a new gallery in London’s lovely Marylebone as of this weekend. I’ve got some work up to show in there alongside pieces by: Peter Monaghan, Katie Allen, Rachael Nee and various other clever beans.

The new Cube Gallery can be found  here. How Marvellous!

Bristol Affordable Arts Fair

10 May

I will have work up for sale this weekend at the Bristol Affordable Arts Fair – YAY!
The show is on from the 13th – 15th May with the private view on the Thursday evening from 6-9pm. More info on the show can be found here.


8 Feb

Just a little note to say about a new show that I have work in starting this Wednesday (Feb 9th) at Tenderfoot here in Bristol.

The show has a Valentine’s theme and is called “Tenderhearts for Tenderfoot”

Other artists showing work include the lovely Paul Farrell:

the lovely Clare Isaacs:

and the marvellous Mike Cannings:

…amongst other lovelies that I don’t yet know about.

The opening reception will be on Wednesday from 7.30 – 9.30pm, and the show will run until the 29thFebruary.
Perhaps see you there? x

Front Room: Totterdown Arts Trail 2010

12 Nov

Whoa there! – is it that time of year again already??

Our house will be open next weekend for the Totterdown Arts Trail  (v. exciting!) – would be great if you can make it along!

Thinking Caps

25 Sep

Here is a design I did recently for cycle cap to go into the Thinking Caps exhibition at the Howies store in Bristol:

The hat was made up with a tweed fabric panel across the top and a tweed visor.
Here are a couple of pics of me wearing the finished article 🙂 :

And here are a couple of pics from the show:

More photos can be found on the Howies flickr photostream here.

Dutty Fabric

24 Jul

Here is a fabric design I did for my friend Louisa over at Dutty Girl.
Dutty Girl is a Bristol based crew of DJs, MCs and producers. The fabric was designed to be made into clothes for a music video – hurrah!

Louisa wanted something based on her penchant for silk scarves and gold jewellery. The design is to be screen printed and so has been made up of only 5 colours.

These boobs were made for walkies…

29 Jun

These boobs were made for walkies,
And that’s just what they’ll do.
One of these days these boobs are gonna…

…walk all over Bristol to help raise money and awareness for breast cancer research and cancer care!

I will be walking the Bristol Sun Walk this Sunday. Everyone who is taking part in the walk gets sent a Wonderbra to decorate and wear on the day. Here is my bra – not the most practical of outfits, but I am looking forward to wearing it all the same (haven’t quite worked out how I am going to get to the starting line without looking like a total goon yet!).

If you are able to sponsor me for this event, that would be AMAZING – even just a couple of quid would be very much appreciated!!

Thanks y’all 🙂

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