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A book for Emilia…

21 Jul

In the interests of fairness between siblings, I have been making my niece, Emilia a felt book for her first birthday.

This one was quite tough to make – it would appear to be surprisingly difficult to think of things that begin with certain letters that are appropriate for this kind of thing and that make the right sound phonetically – especially as Emilia’s sister Alice already has her own book, so I couldn’t double up on any of the ideas!

This book has an animal theme, which I quite like as it’s less random than it’s predecessors:

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Custom Moleskine

6 Jan

My husband has got to be one of the hardest people to buy presents for in the world! He is even more picky about things than I am and if he wants anything (which is usually some random piece of bicycle or skateboard), he will just buy it for himself – behaviour I find inconsiderate and unacceptable on the run up to the festive season.

In an attempt to remedy this eternal struggle, I decided to make his Christmas presents this year as then he woud have to like them and there would be no way they could be returned to the shops – ha ha! I had seen these great etched Moleskines here and like an excited puppy, I raced out to the shops to buy an A5 sketchbook. Then the problems started…

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