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Alphabet print

1 Aug

After toying with the idea of doing an alphabet print for Jet’s nursery for quite a while, I have finally got one sorted.
I messed around for ages drawing lots of little chaps to go on there and trying to make something all colourful and fun, but in the end I decided to settle for good ol’ charcoal grey and white with a dab of pink.
I am imagining that most may not see this as particularly nursery friendly, but hey, I like it that way and it’s my house. I will change it as soon as Jet (who is one year old) says: “Excuse me Mummy, please could we possibly change that giclee print for something more stereo-typically relevant to my gender and age profile?”.
Until then, the print stays. Can’t say fairer than that, eh?

I have been thinking about selling these as personalised limited editions through my shop. Nothing sorted about that as yet – let me know if you think you might be interested…


Wedding invites…

26 Jun

Got one of these through in the post the other day – whoop!

It’s an invite that I designed for my friends Clare and Andy’s wedding. V. pleased with these as it’s the first proper job that I’ve done using laser cutting – I cannot belieeeeeve how fine the detail is – how blummin’ marvellous!
The design is based on a pattern Clare really liked on a posh bottle of body lotion (whatevs floats your boat!) – I think it looks rather lovely on here…

Hmmm – I wonder how much laser cutters cost¿
I’ll take two, thanks! đŸ™‚

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