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Knitted bird mobile

9 Oct

Here is a mobile I made for our friends who have just had a little baby girl:

Pattern is from here.

Welcome to the world baby Calla – hurray for you! 🙂

It’s a balloon!

30 Jul

My really old friend Emi has just had a baby boy…

Here is a little gift I made for him – his parents have a hot air balloon business (how cool?).

Welcome to the world little Harrison 😀

A book for Emilia…

21 Jul

In the interests of fairness between siblings, I have been making my niece, Emilia a felt book for her first birthday.

This one was quite tough to make – it would appear to be surprisingly difficult to think of things that begin with certain letters that are appropriate for this kind of thing and that make the right sound phonetically – especially as Emilia’s sister Alice already has her own book, so I couldn’t double up on any of the ideas!

This book has an animal theme, which I quite like as it’s less random than it’s predecessors:

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Thomas’ Blanket

22 Jan

A wise knitter once told me that you only knit blankets for love…

…believe me, they weren’t lying!!

I think I suffered a repetitive strain injury in my brain from knitting this blanket! – That said, I am mighty proud of myself for having persevered and I had a real sense of achievement once it was finished. 😀

I got my Mum to do the blocking for me and then she sewed on the brushed cotton backing and added some padding in the middle for good measure. I was so worried about messing it up once I’d finished the knitting part, I couldn’t bear to stitch the backing on myself! (I also made her iron my wedding dress on the morning of my wedding – she get’s all the scary jobs – thanks Mum!! X)

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