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Ugly Car Seat

24 Feb

Finding cool stuff for babies is such a mission! So many of the things in the shops are made with either sickly pastel colours or garish primary colours. What ever happened to nice colour combinations for kids?

There are a couple of places I have found to get good baby bits – there are some lovely designer things you can buy online and Mamas and Papas has nice stuff, but it is all SO expensive. I have been looking at old Fisher Price toys on eBay and some of those are so great. How can it be so difficult to find baby things that you would actually like to have in your home?

Here is a mobile I made for Jet to hang on her car seat. I LOVE Ugly Dolls, so I made her this from 3 Ugly Doll keyrings which I took apart and sewed onto a specially-made felt handle. It works a blummin’ treat – YAY!!

And here’s a picture of Jet in the car last week – clearly enthralled that I went to all the effort!!


Emilia’s Carry Cot Mobile

22 Sep

This month saw the happy arrival of my second little niece Emilia Zara – ahhhhhhhhh!!

Her mum had specifically asked me if I could make her a small mobile that she could attach to Emilia’s carry cot for when she is in the car. Here’s the result:

I was pleased with how it turned out in the end – the three magpies signify “three for a girl”. The black and white should be more stimulating for little Emilia’s eyes whilst she’s still only a squiddler 🙂

The whole thing is made from normal craft felt with some velcro, ribbon and glass beads for the detail. Click below to see some more pics!:

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Fishy Mobile

18 Jan

Having little nieces and nephews is practically the best thing ever…

Here’s a mobile I made for my niece, Alice just after she was born:

Materials: embroidery thread, felt, bamboo hoop, ribbons, acrylic stuffing and glass beads for the eyes.

Pattern for fish can be found here.

More pics below…

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