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Laser cut wedding invitations ♡

10 Sep

Here are some invitation designs I did for some friends of ours. I was pleased with how they turned out – I love having a play with laser cutting and  it appears to be fast becoming my default wedding invitation style. I find it’s a good way of having a super-posh looking invite without it costing the earth. The only printing on here is on the inserts, so I just had to source the plain card in the right colour to send to the cutters. The inserts were done at a local print shop and I bought the self-adhesive gems from eBay. I think the whole lot came at about £175 for 100 invites and good quality envelopes (excluding design time and hand-finishing) – not a bad price for such a personal and unique invitation, eh?

It’s going to be an autumn wedding. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen’s ties are going to be in blue and they are planning to have lots of pumpkins around for decoration, so the colours should work well I think. Lovely.

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