Commission with Maps

17 May

Here are some images of a commission that I finished a few weeks ago. The piece was made as a present from a man to his wife for a special birthday. I was given a list of references for Google Maps that represented special places in the couple’s life, like where they got married, where their children were born and memorable holidays. I scoured the local second hand shops, charity shops and car boot sales to find a selection of different maps that were all a bit different and which fitted in well together.
The pictures show the final result. I used a few new butterfly shapes so that the silhouettes would be relevant to that place and tried to match up each shape with an appropriate place as far as I could.

I thought the finished piece looked great and apparently it became a very well received gift, which is lovely to know!


Bristol Affordable Arts Fair

10 May

I will have work up for sale this weekend at the Bristol Affordable Arts Fair – YAY!
The show is on from the 13th – 15th May with the private view on the Thursday evening from 6-9pm. More info on the show can be found here.

A Right Royal Knees Up!

1 May

Anyone who knows me will know that I loves them royals!
Cue much excitement chez Bird Face for Kate and the Prince of Willies’ wedding ♥

Check out the knitted Wills, Kate and Archbishop that my friends Katheryn, Alasdair and I made for Jet! They were ideal for instant reenactments of all the action…
Patterns by Fiona Goble from here.
Big thanks go to the happy couple for providing us all with a nation holiday on their wedding day. Next time you get married, please can you try and do it post-lunch though, so we don’t all end up being drunk on Pimms so soon after breakfast – ta!

Easter knitting

24 Apr

Pattern can be bought from Anna Hrachovec at Mochimochi Land here.
I didn’t bother with the felting bit as I didn’t have the right yarn and I am lazy like that. I worked out fine anyhoo – cute!


20 Apr

I have been experiencing a minor space obsession…
Having the creative brain that I do, this does not venture as far as any kind of scientific interest – having tried to battle with Brian Cox on several occasions, this is waaaay too much for my tiny mind. It does however involve an interest in all of these spacey whatnots:

Mmmmmm…    …I’ll have one of each, please!

Having spent way more time thinking about this than was probably healthy, I bought myself these Blackmilk leggings for my birthday – oooooooo!

(I realise these are completely ridiculous with these gold trainers – I just couldn’t help myself and hey, it was my birthday!)

Him indoors and I worked up some galaxy nails to top it all off:

I found a YouTube tutorial for the nails here – it took us about 10 yonks to get them all done, but it was worth the effort I think.

Irrational thirst for space stuff: Quenched – phew!

One and Half Today!

20 Apr

Turns out all those millions of people who tell you that it goes so fast weren’t lying…

Happy one and a half birthdays Little Poppet, from your very proud Mummy x x x x x

Chicago Art Fair

20 Apr

Holy moly – this is an exciting one!
I will have work for sale in the Chicago Art Fair starting next week from April 29th – May 2nd at: 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL 60654

Just to get an idea of how awesomely cool that is, here is a pic of the place it’s being held in:

– WOWZERS – that’s one helluva building!

As is now the tradition with any exciting sounding exhibition that I am involved with, I will not be attending the show and shall remain at home with the fam. It’s just as well this time though, as the show is on at the same time as the royal wedding – one will surely be very busy hanging around under some bunting, eating cucumber sandwiches and quaffing gin from a teacup…

Let me know if you go – I’d love to know what it’s like! 🙂

childHood cardigan

17 Apr

Here are some pics of Jet wearing a little cardigan I made for her 🙂
It was so lovely doing this and I am really pleased with it. I seem to have so little time to do anything these days, it is a rare treat to get a bit of time to sit down with some knitting…

-What a cutie-pants!

Pattern: ChildHood from Knitty
Yarn: Rico Design Essentials, soft merino aran in Navy (ref: 038) and Petrol (ref: 049)

Magdalen Folk Festival

29 Mar

My brother, Giles (gawd bless him!) is the Chief Exec of a charity called The Magdalen Project.
The Magdalen Project is an environmental education centre situated in the heart of 132 acre organic farm in beautiful countryside on the Somerset/Dorset border – lovely! They have been organising for a folk festival to take place on the farm in May and Giles asked me if I could help out with the design work for all the marketing etc.

Here is a poster I designed for the festival. It should be a lovely weekend and all the proceeds go towards keeping Magdalen Farm as blummin’ brilliant as it is!

For more information about the festival and enquiries about tickets, click here.

Chelsea Art Fair

27 Mar

Just a quickie to say that I will have work for sale at the Chelsea Art Fair from the 1-3 April at Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, London SW3 5EE – how marvellous!

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