Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair 2013

10 Mar

Heads up – I will have work up for the Hong Kong Affordable Arts Fair from the 13th to the 17th March.
More info on the show including times and ticket prices can be found here.


New York snow dome

2 Mar

My husband and I have a new year’s resolution to get rid of at least one third of all our belongings this year. We have been doing a bit of reading up on minimalist lifestyles thanks to our friend Rosee and feel that this could be just the thing to help us simplify our lives a bit and gain some control over our ever increasing big massive mountain of stuff.
So far it has been a successful mission and we have managed to get rid of an obscene amount of stuff – but there is still a long ol’ way to go and it is getting more and more difficult. The first wave was easy; we went through each room picking out things that we didn’t actually want. It was amazing at how much we got rid of just doing that. There is a general rule that we are trying to work to which is: If we don’t need it and we don’t love it, it’s got to go. This is easy up to a point, but we are now at a stage where all of the things that we definitely don’t want have gone. The next phase seems to be getting rid of things that we neither need or love, but that have some sentimental attachment to us for whatever reason. There is SO MUCH of it!!
Needless to say there has been much rifling through old boxes here and delving into the past. I have found quite a bit of old college stuff, most of which has gone straight in the recycling box, but there is this one piece that it is going to be hard to say goodbye to…
Anyway, (*big breath*) it’s going in the bin and I am posting some pics of it up on here to make me feel less sad about it. This snow dome of New York is made out of cast resin set in a vacu-formed acrylic dome. It is filled with water, glitter and 100 individually painted miniature people. I made it from scratch and it took weeks to finish!

To be fair to the snow dome, I have been dragging it round with me for the last  13 years so it’s done it’s dues. Then just as I was having a little wobble about letting it go the other day, Jet sat on it, it cracked and all the water started spilling out. Problem solved!


You can find out more about minimalism and decluttering your home and mind here.

Brussels Affordable Art Fair

22 Feb

Goedemorgen! Just to let you know, I will have work showing at this year’s Affordable Art Fair in Brussels. The show starts on 21st February and continues until the 24th. It will be hosted at the Tour & Taxis. More info and tickets for the event can be found here.


Art Los Angeles Contemporary

22 Jan


I will have work showing at the Art Palm Beach fair starting this week from the 25th-28th January in Florida. The show starts with a preview evening this Thursday.

More info and whatnots about the show can be found here.

Obviously I would be there myself, but it’s swimming lessons on Saturday mornings, so…

Library of Lost Books

20 Jan

Early last year I was selected as one of 50 contemporary artists and printmakers to take part in The Library of Lost Books. This is an ongoing project which intends to rescue old, discarded and damaged books, donated by the Library of Birmingham. Once all the books have been reworked, they will then be displayed as part of the opening festival for the new Library of Birmingham this summer. The exhibition will then tour round various other venues across the UK.

Here are some pics of the work in progress and my final entry below:


All the info about the Library of Lost Books that you could possibly want can be found here.

Love letters

19 Jan

Just so you know – I’ve got some new necklaces and brooches for sale in Fig. 1, Bristol – Hurrah!


New year neck warmer **pattern**

17 Jan

Happy new year y’all!

Life is just about getting back to normal again here, which feels gooooood.
Here’s a little project I thought I’d share – good for keeping necks warm in all this chilly weather…


This neck warmer is knitted with Rowan Big Yarn onto 10mm needles. It would work on straight needles, or even better, onto DPNs or a 60cm circular needle.

I have made a couple of pattern options, which you can see below.


Let me know if you decide to have a go or if you’d like to email you with a printable PDF for the patterns 🙂

Gift bow tutorial

23 Dec

Merry Christmas y’all!!

‘Tis the season for last minute crafting and wondering why we didn’t start all these projects about two months ago!

Here’s a quicky tutorial for making gift bows – the perfect finish to your crimbo present wrapping! I like to make these out of Jet’s old bits of drawings and paintings. She brings SO many home from nursery these days, it’s ridiculous. There is no way we could keep hold of them all and I feel like a proper meanie when they go in the recycling bin…

Gift bow–1

Here’s how we do:


That’s all for now, so I guess all that is left to do is to wish everyone a very ***MERRY CHRISTMAS***  – I hope you have a double-brills day!!

x x x

Artwork for Red Magazine

3 Dec

Here are some pics of a piece I made for Red Magazine Interiors.

The brief was to include samples from the Tricia Guild Autumn/Winter 2012 wallpaper collection. I put these together with other bits from my massive paper mountain like old envelopes, musical scores and vintage hand written letters.

Chuffed with the results – quite a different feel from my usual marble paper pieces.


Front Room: Totterdown Arts Trail 2012

3 Dec

Ahhhhh, so the arts trail is over for another year. I would say that I’m sad about it, but I’m just kinda knackered really…

We had our house open again this year. It was a total slog getting everything prepared whilst having to juggle looking after a baby and a super-demanding toddler at the same time. All the hard work paid off in the end though and I guesstimate that we had between 700-800 visitors through our front door over the whole weekend – it was pretty crazy!

I had some Entomology pieces up on show, as well as some new artwork and jewellery that I made using an old collection of postage stamps.

Here are some pics:


The lovely knitted arm warmers hanging up on strings and the paper garlands in packets were made by my neighbour Alice, who was also showing with us.

Him indoors had some of his work up this year too.
Photos from the set of BÖIKZMÖIND:


and a couple of giclee prints:


Where n is the correct number of bikes to own,
and b is the number of bikes currently owned.”


Where n is the correct number of bikes to own,
and s is the number of bikes owned that would
result in separation from one’s partner.”

As “One’s Partner”, I do struggle to find this last one amusing…

Thanks to all who popped by to see us – It really was a brills weekend!


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