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Burly Curly Wurly

27 May

Ooooooooooh, I love a giant sized chocolate bar, me!

It was my good friend Laila’s birthday this weekend – and as we all know, the lady LOVES Curly Wurlies…

Tim Ward and I made her a giant one to keep her sweet:

read on for the details…

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Super Starbar!!

25 Feb

After the success of the 2006 Giant Kit Kat and with Wesley Morgan’s 30th birthday fast approaching, it seemed only right to attempt to make a giant Starbar…

It took Tim Ward and I the whole of Saturday to make it – but it worked out even better than we had imagined 🙂

Wes was so taken by it, he left his birthday party half way through the night to take it back to the safety of his own fridge. Apparently some girls tried to mug him for it on his way, so he hit one of them round the head with it and ran off!!

Read on to see how we made it…

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Pimp my Kit Kat

18 Jan

Thank heavens for identical twins and their 30th birthdays!!

Here’s a giant Kit Kat I made for James and Gerald – check out Pimp That Snack for the full lowdown:

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