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New Jewellery

25 Nov

Here are some new jewellery pieces I have been working on. I actually started on these months ago, but the whole thing has turned out to be considerably more tricky than I had anticipated. It’s taken me ages to get my head around it all and it felt like a true battle of wits to get them finished!
The main part of each piece is made from laser cut acrylic. The pieces with the victorian papers have the paper sandwiched between two bits of black and clear acrylic. These are then either bolted or glued together with über glue to keep the paper secure. I used a similar technique for the butterflies with the gold and silver leaf too.

Here’s the pics:

acrylic, silver leaf, glass beads, lava beads, jet and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper, pink rhodonite beads, jet and metal chain

acrylic, lava beads, glass bead, jet and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper, pink rhodonite beads, jet and metal chain

acrylic, gold leaf, ribbon, jet and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper, lava beads, glass beads, jet and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper, ceramic beads and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper and metal clasp

acrylic, victorian marble paper and metal clasp

I sold most of this at the Arts Trail last weekend where I got loads of nice compliments about it all – so all the brain ache was worth it in the end. The best sale was to our postman, who came into the house to deliver a parcel and left having bought a brooch for his wife – nice one Colin!

Front Room!

25 Nov

Hurrah for the Totterdown Arts Trail – what an amazing weekend! I think I am still going to be feeling exhausted from it in about two months time, but it was well worth all the effort and we had such a brilliant time!!
It was really cold all weekend, but the weather wasn’t nearly as hideous as it was last year (which to be fair, isn’t that difficult). There were loads of people about all weekend and Tim and I have made an approximate guess of about 1000 visitors coming through our front door over the course of the weekend – phew!

We worked really hard to get the house ready and it was particularly lovely as Tim decided to show some of his photography this time too, so we were a proper husband and wife team. 🙂

Here’s the pics of my room:

I was so pleased with how it all looked in the end – it was well worth all the effort of taking all the furniture out. You can just see in this last picture that Jet had her own little section too. She spent half the time stood next to it pointing at it to show everyone – CUTE!! You can also just about see on here that I had a new range of jewellery for sale this year. This was displayed in a collection of glass jars up on the shelves. I was so pleased with how it all came out and it was all well received by the visitors. More about that later though…

A million thanks go out from us to all the people who contributed to this year’s arts trail and of course to all the lovely people who came round to have a look at what we’ve been up to. It really was such a fantastic weekend and I’m looking forward to next year’s already!

Amsterdam AAF 2010

29 Oct

Just a quick note to say that I will be exhibiting work at the Affordable Arts Fair in Amsterdam this weekend – from the 28th-31st October – Get a load of me!

More info on the show can be found here.

Paper Rosette Tutorial

22 Oct

Thought I’d just post up this little tutorial for how to make paper rosettes like the one I made for Jet’s birthday card.
It’s really simple to do and it looks CUTE!  ^_^

London Affordable Arts Fair

19 Oct

Just a quick note to say that I will have some of my new larger Paper Entomology pieces up for grabs at the London Affordable Arts Fair this weekend from the 22nd to the 24th October at Battersea Park. There will be a private view on Thursday night from 5.30 -9.30pm.

More info can be found here.

10 x 10

1 Oct

I have been asked to take part in a show called “10 x 10” at Byard Art Gallery in Cambridge.

The show is comprised of 10 artists, exhibiting 10 two-dimensional artworks each, all of which measure 10 inches by 10 inches. It starts at 10am on the 10.10.2010 (see what they’ve done there, uh?).

I am really happy to have been asked to take part in this as it is the first time that I will be showing work at this venue and it looks like such a lovely gallery. The work I have submitted is all from my paper entomology series, but I have used this opportunity to try out a couple of new ideas, which has been great.

More info on the show can be found here.

I want to be a part of it…

18 Sep


I will be exhibiting at the art fair in NEW YOIK later on this month from the 30th September until the 3rd October. Sadly I will not be able to go there to bask in the glory of it all, but I may be having a celebratory cwoffee or two at home during the proceedings…

More info on the show here.

I have been working on some bigger pieces for this event and I have worked out some new framing with the help of my lovely new framer 🙂 Really pleased with the results!
This piece measures 90cm square – so it’s quite a bit bigger than any of the stuff I have done before…

(only had time to take a pic with my phone before everything was shipped off to The States!)

Fingers crossed they are a success across the pond!

More invites…

25 Aug

Would it be bad to sell all my possessions and use the money to buy a laser cutter?

Here is an invitation that I designed for our friends Alex and Gareth. The initial brief was for something “folded into A6” – which is a somewhat lacking in direction as far as briefs go – but you will see that I managed to completely ignore that and just got on with whatever I damn well liked!
Very fortunately for me, Ally and Gareth approved of the design and here we have it:

Most pleased with these as it was another chance to try out some more laser cutting and to do something a bit different. I really like the look of the cutting on the more rustic style recycled board. The inside of the invite has been printed onto a nice textured, recycled paper. Most of the info is printed and then just the names have been handwritten on afterwards, so that it gives the appearance of each invitation having been specifically handwritten for each recipient (cunning, uh?).
The other inserts have been printed on recycled paper made from waste banana skins left over from UK wildlife parks.
Seriously – what more could one want from a piece of recycled paper??

Paperworks 3

24 Aug

I am lucky enough to have had my work chosen to be in the third Paperworks exhibition being held at the Bury Art Gallery.
The show is on from 31 July – 6 November 2010.

Here are some pics from the show – such a beautiful space!

Click here to read my post about the last Paperworks show I took part in back in 2006 🙂

A couple of new commissions…

13 Aug

Just thought I’d post up these pics of a couple of new commissions I have done.

The first is for a lady who had specifically asked for something using browns and golds with an oak frame. Nice 🙂

The second was made in an original old Victorian entomology case. It has quite a different feel to it than the first one – but I reckon this one’s a winner too – hurray!

I’d like to do some more pieces in old entomology cases. The have such a nice feel to them and I really love the stained paper in the background. I picked this one up on ebay a while ago and haven’t been able to find any more since.

Any ideas on finding any more, anyone?

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