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As seen in Homes and Antiques magazine… (again!)

6 Mar

Randomly, I would appear to be on a roll with Homes and Antiques magazine as they have featured my work in their magazine AGAIN this month – huzzah!
I had one of my images in the March issue on one of the shopping pages, but this month I have a piece of work and a bit of a mention in one of the featured homes – I am so pleased!

The lovely home belongs to Ellie and Dan Hudson who live in Clifton, Bristol. Nice ūüėÄ

Homes & Antiques Magazine

27 Feb

Look out – there’s only a picture of some of my work in the March issue of Homes & Antiques magazine!!

Weirdly, the publisher didn’t actually tell me about it. I knew they were considering my work as I had sent them some images, but I didn’t know I was actually going to get into print. Luckily an upholsterer that I know spotted this issue and let me know, as did my mate’s Mum!

I’ve never read Homes & Antiques magazine before. I always thought it would be really granny, but I was quite surprised to find that I really like it.
I’d describe it as a being bit like flicking through Living Etc. whilst half watching The Antiques Roadshow.
Mmmm, Sundays……

White Entomology

15 Sep

We are holding an open weekend where I work at BV Studios¬†next month from the 14th-16th October. More details on that to follow – but here are some pics I have of a couple of pieces I will be showing over the weekend…



Laser cut wedding invitations ‚ô°

10 Sep

Here are some invitation designs I did for some friends of ours.¬†I was pleased with how they turned out – I love having a play with laser cutting and ¬†it appears to be fast becoming my default wedding invitation style. I find it’s a good way of having a super-posh looking invite without it costing the earth. The only printing on here is on the inserts, so I just had to source the plain card in the right colour to send to the cutters. The inserts were done at a local print shop and I bought the self-adhesive gems from eBay. I think the whole lot came at about ¬£175 for 100 invites and good quality envelopes (excluding design time and hand-finishing) – not a bad price for such a personal and unique invitation, eh?

It’s going to be an autumn wedding. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen’s ties are going to be in blue and they are planning to have lots of pumpkins around for decoration, so the colours should work well I think. Lovely.

Cocktail umbrella wreath tutorial

19 Jul

Mmmmmm Pinterest

I have been spending what is probably far more time than is healthy drooling over this site for the last few weeks. It was my friend Carolyn’s birthday last weekend and I had seen on her account that she liked these cocktail umbrella wreaths. Thinking I was the queen of genius, I proceeded to make said cocktail umbrella wreath as a gift for her. I rocked up to her party brandishing an enormous box with the wreath in it and gave it to her. Only then did I discover that she had already blummin’ made one to decorate her house for the party!
BAH! My wreath giving high promptly crashed down in flames.

Should I have asked if she had made herself one already?
Is this new Pinterest etiquette that I am not aware of?
Surely this situation begs the question (*Carrie Bradshaw voice*) – How many cocktail umbrella wreaths is enough?

I am hoping the answer to that is “At least two”!
Here’s a little tutorial for how I made it:

Observer Ethical Awards 2011 – official pics of trophies :)

14 Jul

I have been sent through a few of the official images from the Observer Ethical Awards last month, so I thought I’d post some of them up…

Setting up the Dome Room at the V&A before the guests arrived.

All the trophies lined up on the stage with the butterfly backdrop. (the trophies had to be arranged sideways so the winners weren’t revealed too early!)

We put the white pieces in the main room of the ceremony as they seemed to fit in better with the decor and the lighting. The other pieces I showed with the colourful marble papers were better suited in the entrance hall.

Lily Cole presenting the Conservation award to Thurrock Thameside Nature Park.

Livia Firth (that’s The Firth’s wife to you and I) presenting the Global Campaigner award to Greg Valerio.
Greg invited Colombian gold miner Luis Americo Mosquera to accept the award alongside him, so it was a really lovely moment. Americo represents the Oro Verde mining group – one of the first groups certified against the Fairtrade and Fairmined Standards.
It was the Oro Verde mine which supplied the gold for Livia Firth’s Oscar jewellery, which she wore on the red carpet when husband Colin accepted his Academy Award for Best Actor, so it was fitting that she presented the award on the night.

Lola Young (baroness and ambassador for Ethical Fashion Forum and MADE-BY) presenting the Blog award to Shirahime.

Photos: Katherine Rose


Paper Entomology at Art Hamptons

4 Jul

You know the Hamptons?
Yeah, that’s the one – the one that’s in New Freaking Yoik?!
Well, I’ve got some work up for sale in a show there this weekend – just sayin’…

The show will be on from the 8th-10th July with the Private View on the Thursday 7th from 6-9pm at: Sayre Park, 154 Snake Hollow Road, Bridgehampton, NY  11976.

More info about the show can be found here.

As is now the norm with any exciting international art show that I am involved with, I will not be attending. I will instead be going to a four year old’s birthday party on a farm near Yeovil – which I think will probably be a much more glamourous affair!

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