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Jersey Necklace :)

4 Mar

Hurrah for making things!!

I saw this great necklace in Urban Outfitters a few weeks back. It was a classic “I’m not paying that much when I could make one of those myself!!” moment – except this time I have followed through and actually made one – yay!

and here’s how I made it:

I have since had a scout about on the internet and have found a few different examples. Here are a couple of my favourites:

‘Ahoy’ necklace

Chictopia necklace


Ruffled Ribbon Necklaces

15 Jan

I have posted something about these necklaces I’ve been making here before, but I thought I should mention that the are now for sale at really lovely little place in Bristol called The Fire Works Gallery. You should defo pop in an have a look if you’re in the area – it’s very ace!

There are a few of these necklaces in a variety of colours for sale in there along with some of my paper entomology artwork too.

Read on for some more detailed photos…

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Paper Mâché Bangle

22 Sep

So, I’ve seen a few of these paper mâché bangles about and I thought it was about time I had a go at it myself…

This one was for my friend Lola’s birthday – made with a simple geometric patterned origami paper.

I really enjoyed making it and I think I’m going to have another go for some christmas presents 🙂


22 Jan

Having a wedding takes a whole lot of organisation and is a good thing…

Therefore, please excuse me as I indulge myself by harping on about mine for a while 😀

Firstly, I’ll start with this pic of me and the man in all our finery:

Didn’t we scrub up nice?

Don’t be deceived by the stony expressions here. We smiled continuously for about 12 hours that day and this was one of the only chances we had to rest our aching faces!!

Here’s what we’re wearing:

Me: The dress is by Daniela Benson who is a Bristol based designer and the shoes are Vivienne Westwood, Queen of everything!

Him: Suit, shirt and tie all from Gresham Blake and shoes from Church’s, of course.

A full write up of weddingness can be found here at where the lovely Ariel was kind enough to include my bride profile (very proud :D).

For further info and wedding craftiness, keep scrolling down this entry…

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Personalised Necklaces

19 Jan

I’ve made a few of these – they work out silly cheap to make and they’re good for times when you’ve forgotten your own name…

I wore this one continuously before I became a smug married:

This one was a commission for Dutty Girl in Bristol:


18 Jan

There’s nothing quite like a bit of precious metal clay to make you feel like some kind of crazed alchemist of an evening…

Here is a pic of one of the solid silver origami cranes I made using PMC, a heat resistant mat and a mini blowtorch on my kitchen table – magic!!

Humble Beginnings…

18 Jan

Thought I should probably put these pics in here first as this is from when Birdface first began really, back in early 2005…
My friend Katheryn and I started making some jewellery to sell in Bristol shop Seven.

Total profit from sales probably came to about 20p in the end – but it was vay fun 🙂

Tim Ward (clearly an oracle when it comes to all things jewellery/fashion related) declared the entire collection as looking like we’d just “dropped magnets into boxes of tat”.

In hindsight, it was fair comment…

Here’s some examples:

Birdface BraceletBirdface Earrings

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