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T-shirt yarn necklaces

1 Jul

It’s been like a t-shirt yarn necklace frenzy round here.
I did make a couple of t-shirt yarn necklaces a while back – tutorial and pics here. I have found them to be weirdly addictive to wear (although I have been using them slightly less now summer appears to be finally here), so have been churning out a few different variations to keep things fresh…

black cut up t-shirt and a chain from a hairband – think this cost about £3 – thanks Pradamark!

made from hoopla yarn

made from hoopla yarn and a few old keyrings from the car boot sale!

made from hoopla yarn

made from a particularly special early 90’s LA Gear t-shirt  found in the chasmo shop for £2

That should keep me going for a while, eh…?

One Sixth Of Tommy

2 Mar

You may have read on here before about how I had done some work with new girl band ‘One Sixth of Tommy’, helping them with their logo design and a cover for their single ‘For Always’…

Just thought I’d post up this pic of some necklaces I made for them too:

Cute – huh?

You can see the girls wearing them in this film of them in The Shed last month:

What a bunch of lovely ladies! 🙂

Album artwork is to follow…

Jewellery pics

18 Feb

Just thought I’d add a few pics of my new jewellery from my notonthehighstreet shop for your deliberation..

New Jewellery

30 Jan

Here is a sneaky peek of the new jewellery I have been working on:

Available soon on – hurrah!

New Jewellery

25 Nov

Here are some new jewellery pieces I have been working on. I actually started on these months ago, but the whole thing has turned out to be considerably more tricky than I had anticipated. It’s taken me ages to get my head around it all and it felt like a true battle of wits to get them finished!
The main part of each piece is made from laser cut acrylic. The pieces with the victorian papers have the paper sandwiched between two bits of black and clear acrylic. These are then either bolted or glued together with über glue to keep the paper secure. I used a similar technique for the butterflies with the gold and silver leaf too.

Here’s the pics:

acrylic, silver leaf, glass beads, lava beads, jet and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper, pink rhodonite beads, jet and metal chain

acrylic, lava beads, glass bead, jet and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper, pink rhodonite beads, jet and metal chain

acrylic, gold leaf, ribbon, jet and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper, lava beads, glass beads, jet and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper, ceramic beads and metal chain

acrylic, victorian marble paper and metal clasp

acrylic, victorian marble paper and metal clasp

I sold most of this at the Arts Trail last weekend where I got loads of nice compliments about it all – so all the brain ache was worth it in the end. The best sale was to our postman, who came into the house to deliver a parcel and left having bought a brooch for his wife – nice one Colin!

Front Room!

25 Nov

Hurrah for the Totterdown Arts Trail – what an amazing weekend! I think I am still going to be feeling exhausted from it in about two months time, but it was well worth all the effort and we had such a brilliant time!!
It was really cold all weekend, but the weather wasn’t nearly as hideous as it was last year (which to be fair, isn’t that difficult). There were loads of people about all weekend and Tim and I have made an approximate guess of about 1000 visitors coming through our front door over the course of the weekend – phew!

We worked really hard to get the house ready and it was particularly lovely as Tim decided to show some of his photography this time too, so we were a proper husband and wife team. 🙂

Here’s the pics of my room:

I was so pleased with how it all looked in the end – it was well worth all the effort of taking all the furniture out. You can just see in this last picture that Jet had her own little section too. She spent half the time stood next to it pointing at it to show everyone – CUTE!! You can also just about see on here that I had a new range of jewellery for sale this year. This was displayed in a collection of glass jars up on the shelves. I was so pleased with how it all came out and it was all well received by the visitors. More about that later though…

A million thanks go out from us to all the people who contributed to this year’s arts trail and of course to all the lovely people who came round to have a look at what we’ve been up to. It really was such a fantastic weekend and I’m looking forward to next year’s already!

Circular Scarf

4 Mar

I have had these couple of pieces of fabric hanging around the house for a few months. I had used them to tie around my “waist” when I was preggers, but hadn’t found anything to do with them since then (particularly as my sewing skills leave much to be desired!!)

Cue super-simple to make circular scarf!:

Instructions below:

Jersey Necklace :)

4 Mar

Hurrah for making things!!

I saw this great necklace in Urban Outfitters a few weeks back. It was a classic “I’m not paying that much when I could make one of those myself!!” moment – except this time I have followed through and actually made one – yay!

and here’s how I made it:

I have since had a scout about on the internet and have found a few different examples. Here are a couple of my favourites:

‘Ahoy’ necklace

Chictopia necklace

Ruffled Ribbon Necklaces

15 Jan

I have posted something about these necklaces I’ve been making here before, but I thought I should mention that the are now for sale at really lovely little place in Bristol called The Fire Works Gallery. You should defo pop in an have a look if you’re in the area – it’s very ace!

There are a few of these necklaces in a variety of colours for sale in there along with some of my paper entomology artwork too.

Read on for some more detailed photos…

Continue reading

Paper Mâché Bangle

22 Sep

So, I’ve seen a few of these paper mâché bangles about and I thought it was about time I had a go at it myself…

This one was for my friend Lola’s birthday – made with a simple geometric patterned origami paper.

I really enjoyed making it and I think I’m going to have another go for some christmas presents 🙂

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