Front Room: Totterdown Arts Trail 2012

3 Dec

Ahhhhh, so the arts trail is over for another year. I would say that I’m sad about it, but I’m just kinda knackered really…

We had our house open again this year. It was a total slog getting everything prepared whilst having to juggle looking after a baby and a super-demanding toddler at the same time. All the hard work paid off in the end though and I guesstimate that we had between 700-800 visitors through our front door over the whole weekend – it was pretty crazy!

I had some Entomology pieces up on show, as well as some new artwork and jewellery that I made using an old collection of postage stamps.

Here are some pics:


The lovely knitted arm warmers hanging up on strings and the paper garlands in packets were made by my neighbour Alice, who was also showing with us.

Him indoors had some of his work up this year too.
Photos from the set of BÖIKZMÖIND:


and a couple of giclee prints:


Where n is the correct number of bikes to own,
and b is the number of bikes currently owned.”


Where n is the correct number of bikes to own,
and s is the number of bikes owned that would
result in separation from one’s partner.”

As “One’s Partner”, I do struggle to find this last one amusing…

Thanks to all who popped by to see us – It really was a brills weekend!



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