Wedding invites: Faye and Andy

15 Aug

Gawd knows I love a wedding…

Here are some invites I did for our friends Faye and Andy’s wedding back in May. It was pretty much the weirdest wedding invite brief I have ever been given and involved instructions such as ‘yellow, orange, pink, purple and grey’ for the colours and had to include images of a liver bird, a moustache, some lips, a monkey, some noodles, some DIY stuff and things relating to Bristol (there were several other things that I just couldn’t work out how to fit in like a TV and some old school Nikes!).

Here are the results anyway. There had to be a day invite, an evening version and an RSVP card:

I also designed some extra bits for them for the day including some pin badges that Faye used on the table settings:

(I didn’t pay her to write that, honest!)

And some other gubbins:

It was a proper brills day – congrats Faye and Andy!!

Here’s a pic of Tim and Jet on our way there for good measure 🙂

(Man, I love those guys – what a couple of dudes! x)

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