Della Mai Ward!

12 Jul

I haven’t just been sat around twiddling my thumbs for the past three weeks y’know…

…OK, I was for some of it, but I also had a baby – how cool is THAT?!

Born on the 23rd June at home in a birthing pool, weighing 8lb 10.5oz.

Now, I’m not one to harp on about birthing (much), but this was my second home birth experience and I can’t even begin to describe how lovely and awe-inspiring it was.
When you tell people you’re having a home birth, you wouldn’t believe many say things like “Oo, you’re brave!”, and stuff like that. Truth is, I’m not brave, I’m just sh*t-scared of hospitals! Given the choice between rushing into a hospital to try and give birth surrounded by people and things I don’t know or just staying at home, having a baby and then having a nice sit down on my sofa with a piece of toast, I’d rather go with the latter.

All hail the marvellous midwives out there who can help make this happen.
Helen Ward salutes you!

Welcome to the world little Della – what a gorgeouspants you are!

**Photo taken by Timward**

2 Responses to “Della Mai Ward!”

  1. Claire Cohen July 12, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    Well done and congrats to you both, she looks adorable. Hope to see you at UWE sometime next year. Have a great summer!! Claire x

  2. Caroline July 13, 2012 at 11:13 pm #

    awww – she’s gorgeous, congratulations. Totally agree about homebirth – 3 of mine were, and they were just fab.

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