Ingrid Wagner: Big knitting slippers

27 Feb

My mini-pops, Jet has always worn these awesome slippers from a Canadian company called Padraig:


I have always been so jealous of these – they have sheepskin soles with the lovely soft fleece on the inside to wiggle your toes about in, Mmmmmm. They do make adult sizes of these, but there ‘s something about the proportions of them that make them look a bit wonky-wrong…
I came across Ingrid Wagner at the Stitch & Creative Crafts show in London last year. Check her out, she design patterns for knitting projects using yarn made out of blanket strips – nice.

Here are some slippers I made from one of her patterns with the special yarn and ludicrous knitting needles:

Eagle eyed viewers here may notice that I have either:
a) been eating far too much cake
b) gone and  got myself pregnant again.

The correct answer is in fact, c) both of the above.
New baby girl due in June – YAY!! 🙂

I’m going to be honest here – the slippers aren’t actually that great. The kit that I bought had suede soles included, but they don’t provide any particular warmth or protection. Also, they do tend to slouch down quite a bit around the tops. They kind of remind me of those slippers that people used to have in the 90’s when loads of people ended up in A&E because they had tripped down the stairs whilst wearing huge shaggy monster feet. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the slippers kit, but if you can think of something else ingenious to knit, the yarn itself and the ridiculous needles are pretty cool!
(sorry about that, Ingrid.)

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