New Chairs :)

12 Jun

It would appear that I have entered turbo-nesting territory…

Having achieved Sweet Fanny Adams for the last few months due to general preggo illness, I have lept into action this week and have:

• reupholstered a foot stool

• made a new standard lamp

• made a fabric pin board for my new office space

• reupholstered our entire dining room suite


Here’s a pic of the chairs, which I am very pleased with…

(Clearly these are not all exactly the same chairs – there are 6 of them altogether)

More info after the jump…

I chose 3 different fabrics in the end. I was just going to stick with just the one, but I thought they’d look a bit more fun this way. 🙂

The two end chairs are covered with silver velvet – which are my favourite I think :

Then there are two chairs covered in a charcoal leaf fabric:

And two with a grey teardrop fabric:

I am so pleased witht the results. These chairs come from a G-Plan dining room set that was bought by my grandparents back in the 1960’s. They looked like they hadn’t been recovered in at least the last 40 years and they are SO much more comfortable with the new foam. It’s great to see them all with a new lease of life!

I just used 1 inch foam and a staple gun – the whole thing cost me £30 – bargain!!


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