A present for my new little friend…

30 Apr

So, the best husband in the world, Tim Ward, got me a Nintendo DS Lite for my birthday – what a nice man!! 😀

It is already a close friend of mine, so I made it a new protective case as a sign of my affection:

Nintendo DS case

Nintendo DS case
Nintendo DS case

If you look closely in this last one, you can just see my little Nintendog, Sausage wearing her favourite tiara – ahhhhhhhh, she’s a good girl…

It’s made of plastic canvas (surely the only aesthetically pleasing use of plastic canvas ever seen?), tapestry wool, felt and velcro. I particularly love how it was designed with a hole in the back so that when you plug it in to charge, it looks like the proper flex from the original nintendo controller – coooooooool!!

Let it be known, that I can take no credit for the concept or design of this
case – that goes to this genius over here:


Gawd bless craftster.org and all who sail her!!


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