Super-Ward Cushion

19 Jan

I’ve been married for four months now and people ask me all the time what it feels like, and if life seems any different.

Truth is, apart from the fact that everything is near enough exactly the same, it does feel different being a smug married. Life is relatively back to normal now that the wedding is over, but I feel much happier and more settled than I did before – ahhhhhh…….

One of the main things for me that’s different, is that I have a new name. I have found that bit quite difficult as I really liked my old surname and being a Ward (as I now am), still doesn’t sound quite right when I hear myself say it.

In an effort to combat this new affliction change to my good name, I have set about personalising things to make it all seem a bit more exciting.

And thus, I give you the Super-Ward Cushion:


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