PaperWorks Exhibition

18 Jan

My friend Eppie saw this call for artists in Art Review for an upcoming show about paper in Bury Art Gallery.
I got one piece of work included in the show which was awesome – the first time I’ve got my work in a proper rinky-dink art gallery!!
The show was called Paperworks and ran from 29th April – 1st July 2006.
Was v. proud of myself šŸ™‚
Here’s the collage:

It’s a Nike Safari.

Close up:

and here’s some pics from the show…

me looking like a goon:

The rest of that room

Auntie Jill loving it – Uncle Mick not loving it so much:

Hanging basket made from paint chips – so good I nearly cried!

Magnolia tree from a book

Cut out newspaper

Installation made from hole punches

-yes, really – it was completely ridiculous!!

Knitted paper (i heart, of course!)

Paper Sculpture

This was one of my favourite things. It was made from a pile of A4 paper and some paper clips. Such a simple idea – it really was a beautiful thing.


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